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So you are pregnant AND you are afraid of birth....

Are you afraid of birth? You aren’t alone. I’ve been working in maternal child health (NICU, Postpartum AND Labor and Delivery) in several major hospital systems in Orange County for 13 years, so I have seen it all. And I am here to tell you NOT to be afraid of birth. But how is that even possible? Isn’t everyone afraid of birth? What about the pain? What if something goes wrong? What if its too hard and I can’t do it?

Yes… focusing on the “what ifs” of what can go wrong is one option, but it won’t get you anywhere. Fear takes you in a circle of tension and anxiety and MORE fear. And we all know at this point that anxiety and pregnancy should NOT mix. How is it that as a nurse working bedside in the busiest maternity units in the county, I chose to do something different?

I saw over and over what led to the best outcomes and the most satisfied mothers. Women who came to us not with fear, but with confidence and support, did well. Even if their births ended up different than their original plans. Because of their attitude they could feel confident in what they as unique individuals needed and make their own choices without fear. Fear gets you nowhere. It is only useful right now in this very moment, as a message to you that something in your mind and heart needs to change. Your soul is reaching out to find the path to your very best, most peaceful pregnancy and birth. You deserve it.

I knew that if those moms could do it, I could too. I was very fortunate to have a fellow nurse who told me her birth stories and “gave me permission” to do my births a different way. I want to be that person for you. I am here to say, you can do it. I don’t think everyone will or should make the same choices I did for my birth. That isn’t the point. The point is that you can have options, get all the information, and learn skills and tools that elevate EVERY type of birth.

I knew from working in the hospital that it was not the ideal place for me to give birth. My goal was to do everything I could to stay healthy and low risk so I could stay home and have an undisturbed physiological birth. I also respect and am frequently in awe of the hospital and everything it can provide for pregnant and birthing women and their babies. In our current culture (and insurance system), most people are going to give birth in the hospital. So as someone who attends births in the hospital and had 3 babies at home, I have a very unique perspective. I can tell you that a peaceful hospital birth is also possible when you are prepared. I can tell you from my experience that it is never a good idea to just show up and “go with the flow”… knowledge of birth, understanding how the system works, having a plan (especially for your birth partner’s role) and concrete tools to increase relaxation and avoid anxiety are all necessary to get your best experience.

So you are probably wondering… “how?” How did I go from seeing the sickest moms and babies in the hospital who needed every kind of intervention, to feeling confident and excited about my choice to birth physiologically and undisturbed? I changed my attitude, my thoughts, my habits… basically the way my mind worked. And it was FUN and relaxing. Choosing to use self hypnosis (especially Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis) helped me enjoy my pregnancies and births. Hypnobabies gave me concrete tools to practice and use to have my most comfortable births while guiding me every day to have a positive mindset regarding pregnancy and birth. It really works! While my first birth was a bit overwhelming at times in its intensity, I loved the experience and trust I was able to have in my body as a first time mom. My second birth was completely comfortable and relaxing and my third I would describe as fun and enjoyable.

Your mind is SO powerful. Learning to use your mind in a new way, to enjoy and be fully present for your pregnancy and birth, is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your baby. If this is something you want, join one of my classes! In just 6 weeks you will be transformed and ready for your easiest and most comfortable birth.

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