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Breastfeeding Class
with an IBCLC & Thompson Method Certified Educator

Providing Everything You Need to Feed Your Baby, Your Way

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Curious about The Thompson Method?

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is a face-to-face, comprehensive and consistent guide to birth and breastfeeding… 


…that combines all the information and experience in the Thompson Method, with gentle guidance and support so you can start implementing straight away. 

At Peaceful Birth OC I am here to help you every step of the way. With The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program, you’ll never be left on your own to “figure it out”!


As a Certified Thompson Method educator, I will support you through every step of your journey. Not only that, but as your educator, I have access to a team of experienced experts and midwives, so you’ll never be left wondering if you’re getting the right information.

Your investment into your future breastfeeding success: 

Current members of The Thompson Method Program: Group class $125 --- Private class $225

Non-members of The Thompson Method Program: Group class $175 --- Private class $275

When You Join Us, This Program Will: 

1. Provide you with personalised guidance through the Thompson Method education from a certified Thompson Method Professional

2. Help you to be fully prepared and confident for your breastfeeding journey 

3. Teach you how to establish pain-free breastfeeding from the very first breastfeed 

4. Assist in avoiding or overcoming painful nipples with early breastfeeding 

5. Answer all of your breastfeeding questions 

6. Guide you towards creating your own unique birth plan using The Thompson Method birth plan template 

7. Help you reduce your risk of medical intervention, such as ‘unnecessary’ induction of labour 

8. Help you reduce your risk of painful nipple trauma, breast engorgement and mastitis 

9. Teach you and your partner how the hospital system works and how to best navigate it 

10. Provide a sense of community support to know and feel that you’re not alone in your journey. 


11. With a supportive community and 24/7 guidance for any challenges you might face, you can feel confident at every stage of your breastfeeding journey.



We will cover these topics and more...

  • Creating a birth and breastfeeding plan

  • Induction of labour

  • The cascade of intervention

  • Collecting colostrum in pregnancy

  • The first breastfeed

  • The first 72-96 hours

  • Preventing pain in the first 72-96 hours

  • Face to breast symmetry and fine tuning

  • How breast milk is produced

  • Fear of low weight gain

  • Mother-baby separation

  • The sleepy baby

  • The crying unsettled baby

  • Introducing bottles, dummies and nipple shields

  • Tongue and lip ties


What is included in the Beautiful Breastfeeding Program

* Lifetime access to The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program including all Thompson Method Program Bonuses ($99 if purchased on its own!) 

* LIVE Group Sessions personally guiding you through every step of the program.

* Interactive 'Ask a Midwife' (Zoom Calls) with Dr Robyn and her expert team of midwives. Ask questions, seek a professional opinion and guidance as you create your unique birth and breastfeeding plan. 

*Breastfeeding Room. LIVE Group Support when your baby arrives to help with fine-tuning to address any early breastfeeding pain and offer much needed emotional support. 

*Personalised guidance to create your unique birth plan. Step-by-step guidance as you discover what's most important to you. 

* Lifetime membership to the Breastfeeding Club with 24/7 guidance and support. Once you’ve given birth to your baby, it doesn’t end there! You’ll have the continued benefit of 24/7 guidance and support in our private members-only community, The Breastfeeding Club.



Class Schedule

  • Presented in 2 hour weekly sessions over 2 days 

  • Total contact time 4 hours

  • Live virtual classes via Zoom

  • 1:1 or group 

Your PPO insurance may cover The Beautiful Breastfeeding Class!

Click this link and request a lactation visit with me through The Lactation Network.   Select: "Telehealth" and "Planning ahead"

When we are paired, send me an email to get started.

Are you interested in The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program, but the live classes don't work for you?
You can still learn at your own pace online! 

Click the links below for your needs:

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